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Juvederm XC - Canyon Speciality Surgery Center

Juvederm XC is a gel-like material that's injected into various parts of the face to minimize or smooth away wrinkles.

It’s generally meant to be a treatment option for adults 21 and over with moderate to severe facial wrinkles not responding well to other skincare efforts.

It’s the only hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that’s FDA-approved as being able to produce results that may last for up to a year.

Where Does Juvederm XC Work?

Juvederm XC can be used to treat multiple “problem areas” on the face. It’s often used in cheek areas. However, it can also be applied to vertical lip lines, smile lines, and areas with unwanted wrinkles. Whether or not this treatment will work on certain areas will also depend on factors such as the depth of the wrinkles or lines and a patient’s overall skin condition and coloration.

Skin naturally produces a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). It’s a naturally occurring molecule that’s found in larger concentrations around eyes and joints. Over time, however, HA levels in the skin in visible areas like the face can be affected by exposure to sunlight and the aging process. Reduced HA levels can contribute to a loss of skin structure and volume. Juvederm XC is a dermal filler that works by replacing the HA that’s naturally lost. When HA levels are restored, wrinkles and lines often fade away or become less noticeable. The result is skin that’s smoother and healthier.

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Juvederm XC - Canyon Speciality Surgery Center
Juvederm XC - Canyon Speciality Surgery Center

How Are Juvederm XC Injections Given?

Prior to Juvederm XC injections, patients usually have a thorough evaluation to determine if their problem areas are treatable with dermal filler injections. Typically, the area of the face that will be treated is cleaned to remove traces of makeup and other substances.

The injection is delivered under the skin into soft tissue referred to as the dermis. This is the second layer of skin tissue just below the epidermis and above the subcutaneous layer of skin. It is also the thickest of the three main layers of skin. By targeting this particular layer of skin, the affected area will develop added volume from the special, smooth, gel structure that’s injected during the treatment. Multiple injections may be needed to treat some problem areas.

What Are the Benefits Associated with This Treatment?

One of the most-appreciated benefits associated with Juvederm XC is the fact that it’s a long-lasting dermal filler. This eliminates the need to worry about results quickly wearing off. Some HA fillers are made with a more granular type of gel. Juvederm XC, however, is made with gel that has a smoother consistency. Patients may also benefit from:

  • A filler that can be used on many different skin types
  • An injectable gel that’s been show not to increase the risk of experiencing hyper-pigmentation or hypertrophic scarring
  • A product designed to make treatment comfortable for patients
  • Treatment that can be customized since Juvederm XC is available in two different formulations

A facial plastic surgeon can determine if you are a good candidate for Juvederm XC. Be sure to let the doctor know ahead of time if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Side effects that may include injection-site redness, temporary swelling, and discoloration are generally considered mild. Most patients respond well to injectable skin treatments of this nature as long as proper precautions are taken.