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Rhinoplasty - Canyon Speciality Surgery Center

Rhinoplasty achieves permanent results that may make you more confident in the way you look.

When you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose, you may think there is nothing you can do to change the way it looks. However, if you meet the right criteria, you could undergo a surgery called rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that is sometimes called a nose job. It effectively changes the appearance and elevation of your nose. It is performed under either local or general anesthesia. Most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. You can typically go home to recuperate shortly after your surgery is finished.

Some of the more common reasons for rhinoplasty include:

  • Improve breathing
  • Repair a deviated septum
  • Make the size and shape of the nose proportional to the rest of the face
  • Change the width of the bridge of the nose
  • Change the size and shape of the nostrils
  • Eliminate visible deformities like bumps and depressions
  • Eliminate nasal asymmetry

It may also be performed to repair damages caused by injuries or accidents.

How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty must be performed under either local or general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia you receive will depend on the extensiveness of the cosmetic work you are having done and your overall health.

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Rhinoplasty - Canyon Speciality Surgery Center
Rhinoplasty - Canyon Speciality Surgery Center

Once you are under anesthesia, your surgeon will make an incision in between the two nostrils. The skin of your nose will then be lifted so the surgeon can reshape the nasal tissue or repair the septum. After the nose is reshaped and lifted, the incisions will be closed with staples or sutures. Your nose will be packed with gauze and bandages before you are taken to a recovery room.

Most operations last less than an hour. You can typically go home to recuperate one or two hours afterward as long as you are stable and showing no signs of complications like allergic reactions or bleeding.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

The total recovery period for rhinoplasty is at least one year. However, the most crucial part of your recovery will take place during the first two to three weeks after your surgery. During this time, you may notice swelling and bruising. Your nose may be splinted and bandaged to support its new shape and elevation. You should learn how to change your bandages before you go home from the hospital.

It may take up to a year before your nose’s appearance takes shape. Swelling may come and go during that time. By the end of a year after your surgery, you should see permanent improvements in the way your nose looks.

Rhinoplasty can be an ideal solution for when you want to improve the appearance of your nose. This common type of cosmetic surgery provides permanent results. It can boost your confidence in the way you look.

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